Lets Be Real: Women in Combat

Female Marine recruits prepare to fire on the rifle range in 2013 during boot camp at MCRD Parris Island, S.C. The Marine Corps plans to establish an experimental force consisting of at least 25 percent women to determine how females perform in ground combat jobs. (Scott Olson / Getty Images)

It’s not all about qualification. I’m speaking as a female Marine Iraq war vet who did serve in the combat zone doing entry checkpoint duty in Fallujah, and we worked with the grunts daily for that time. All the branches still have different standards for females and males. Why? Because most women wouldn’t even qualify to be in the military if they didn’t have separate standards. Men and women are different, but those pushing women into combat don’t want to admit that truth. They huff and puff about how women can do whatever men can do, but it just ain’t so. We’re built differently, and it doesn’t matter that one particular woman could best one particular man. The best woman is still no match for the best man, and most of the men she’d be fireman-carrying off the battlefield will be at least 100 lbs heavier than her with their gear on.

Women are often great shooters but can’t run in 50-80 lbs of gear as long, hard, or fast as men.  Military training is hard enough on men’s bodies; it’s harder on women’s.  And until women stop menstruating, there will always be an uphill battle for staying level and strong at all times.  No one wants to talk about the fact that in the days before a woman’s cycle, she loses half her strength, to say nothing of the emotional ups and downs that affect judgment. And how would you like fighting through PMS symptoms while clearing a town or going through a firefight?  Then there are the logistics of making all the accommodations for women in the field, from stopping the convoy to pee or because her cycle started to stripping down to get hosed off after having to go into combat with full MOP gear when there’s a biological threat.

This is to say nothing of unit cohesion, which is imperative and paramount, especially in the combat fields. When preparing for battle, the last thing on your mind should be sex; but you put men and women in close quarters together, and human nature is what it is (this is also why the repeal of DADT is so damaging). It doesn’t matter what the rules are. The Navy proved that when they started allowing women on ship. What happened? They were having sex and getting pregnant, ruining unit cohesion (not to mention derailing the operations because they’d have to change course to get them off ship.)

When I deployed, we’d hardly been in the country a few weeks before one of our females had to be sent home because she’d gotten pregnant (nice waste of training, not to mention taxpayer money that paid for it). That’s your military readiness? Our enemies are laughing – “Thanks for giving us another vulnerability, USA!”

Then there are relationships.  Whether it’s a consensual relationship, unwanted advances, or sexual assault, they all destroy unit cohesion.  No one is talking about the physical and emotional stuff that goes along with men and women together.  A good relationship can foment jealousy and the perception of favoritism.  A relationship goes sour, and suddenly one loses faith in the very person who may need to drag one off the field of battle.  A sexual assault happens, and a woman not only loses faith in her fellows, but may fear them.  A vindictive man paints a woman as easy, and she loses the respect of her peers.  A vindictive woman wants to destroy a man’s career with a false accusation (yes, folks, this happens too); and it’s poison to the unit.  All this happens before the fighting even begins.

Yet another little-discussed issue is that some female military members are leaving their kids behind to advance their careers by deploying. I know of one divorced Marine who left her two sons, one of them autistic, with their grandparents while she deployed.  She was wounded on base (not on the front lines) and is a purple heart recipient. What if she’d been killed, leaving behind her special needs child? Glory was more important than motherhood. Another case in my own unit was a married female who became angry when they wouldn’t let both her and her husband deploy at the same time. Career advancement was the greater concern.

I understand the will to fight. I joined the Marines in the hopes of deploying because I believe that fighting jihadists is right. And I care about the women and children in Islamic countries where they are denied their rights, subjugated, mutilated, and murdered with impunity; and where children are molested and raped with impunity (not to mention defending our own freedom against these hate-filled terrorists who want to destroy freedom-loving countries like America.) Joining the Marines was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, and I’m glad I got to deploy.  It not only allowed me to witness the war, but to witness the problems with women in combat.

Women have many wonderful strengths, and there is certainly a lot of work for women to do in the military.  But all the problems that come with men and women working together are compounded in the war zone, destroying the cohesion necessary to fight bloody, hellish war.  We are at war; and if we want to win, we have to separate the wheat from the chaff. And the top priority should be military readiness and WINNING wars, not political correctness and artificially imposed “equality” on the military.

Earlier this year, the Marine Corps decided to delay the low 3 pull-up requirement for women that they had hoped to apply in 2014.  The measure was set in preparation for compliance with the Pentagon’s intent to open combat units to women in 2016.  Since less than half of female recruits could make the minimum requirement by the end of 2013, this implementation is being delayed.

Advocates for women in combat have mouthed the words: If women can make the standards, they should be able to serve in the combat units and special operations.  If they are telling the truth, why don’t they insist women be tested on the men’s unaltered standards?  Three pull-ups is the bare minimum; it would put a man at the bottom of his unit.  Women get 100% for eight pull-ups where men have to do twenty for 100%.  Is that equality?

The tiny cabal of feminist officers and NCOs who sued to be able to join the combat units and their far-left backers like DACOWITS and SWAN have been telling America not only that women can do anything men can do, but that they already are.  “Women are fighting and dying with men in the combat zone,” they claim.  This is lying by omission: dying in the combat zone does not mean one qualified for the combat units or Special Forces, whose standards are now being “re-evaluated” to justify why they are so high that women can’t achieve them.  For women, dying in the combat zone doesn’t even mean they qualified in their support (non-combat) units to the standards their brothers have to meet.

If, as these advocates say, women can do everything men can do, why can’t women succeed by the men’s standard naturally, or even with result-specific training?  This is where WIC advocates cut to commercial and cry discrimination.  That’s their playbook.  The feminists and their lackeys have been doing it since women were fully integrated into the military branches and academies, resulting in overall lower standards and reduced combat readiness.  Doing the same to put women into the combat units on a false narrative of equality will have even more disastrous results.

If they were serious about equality, they would demand that no standards be “re-evaluated” and insist that women perform on the men’s standard.  That will never happen because on those standards, most women wouldn’t be qualified for the military in the first place.  Women already have an equal opportunity to compete against men in the military; but every time they are tested, they fail to measure up.  It is Nature herself who discriminates.  Women were built for something more important than combat.

Even on the lower standard, women have a much higher rate of injury, non-availability, non-deployability, and attrition (separating from the military before fulfilling their contract) than men.  These are among the plethora of eternal truths making it impractical to put women into combat, even if they do train like Cross-fitters to improve their performance.  When women were integrated fully into the forces and the academies, the same type of feminist cadre said that exposing these facts would hurt morale.  Indeed.  “Equalizing” standards, “leveling the playing field,” even “providing women the best opportunity to succeed” actually means lowering the standards and discriminating against more capable men.

This issue is not about equality or even equal opportunity.  The WIC advocates don’t care about equality, let alone combat readiness.  They don’t care that they are subjecting the entire population of able-bodied young women to the possibility of the draft.  They care about themselves and their own power; and they don’t care if they have to destroy women, men, the military, and, by extension, the country, to get it.

d924cb4cf1a0d390f6c622f9ab89afe9About the AuthorJude Eden

 Jude Eden is a graduate of Hillsdale College in Michigan, and the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts. She served in the Marine Corps from 2004-2008, deploying to Fallujah Iraq in 2005-6. Articles were originally published on www.westernjournalism.com


  1. You should get this published in the Marine Corps Times if you haven’t already. This question is my favorite part “If, as these advocates say, women can do everything men can do, why can’t women succeed by the men’s standard naturally, or even with result-specific training?” I don’t believe woman pushing this agenda have been asked this question enough.

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    1. For those of you who haven’t read it look up Col. Ripley’s testimony before congress in the 1990’s. It’s the most hard hitting and realistic statement about WIC that I’ve ever read. He was at Kontum for the 1972 Easter Offensive while I was at An Loc. There were few braver men in the Marine Corp.


  2. I love this article. It brought up points many people don’t even think about, including menstrual cycles. I think many people are focusing too much on the needs of the people, and not the needs of the mission.


    1. I got a shot that kept me from having my menstrual cycle on my deployment and I also had a funnel so I could pee standing up which didnt interfere with the mission. Well, it didn’t interfere any more than a guy having to pee did. But I still agree women dont belong in the infantry. Now, I am the only female in my platoon and I fit in just fine(MP), but I wouldnt cut it in the infantry.


      1. Many women would find the vast majority of male behavior offensive. Likewise, men find the presence of women in the military offensive. According to EEO, anything can be considered offensive, and the definition of offensive lies in the mind of the offended person. Men in the military find the presence of women offensive. It would be like being forced to work with a known sexual harasser, being told that we have to tolerate sexual harassers because they have rights and are equals.


  3. The people doing this have one goal in mind, to weaken our military. Indeed, our enemies, as well as our Friends are laughing at us


  4. I’m not going to say that women cannot do any job. There are plenty of women I know who could excel in the infantry or in any capacity. But having 2 different measures of ability for that same job is quite illogical, and should offend any woman concerned with her rights being equal.


    1. I was one of the first instructors teaching a basic infantry course with a woman on it. She was being interviewed by a TV station when we were on ex and they were asking her why women should join the infantry. She was dirty, tired and a little pissed off. She said “I don’t know why a woman would want to join. Its the worst f*cking job in the army. You’re dirty, tired and surrounded by a bunch of knuckle-draggers! Hell, I don’t even know why I’m here.” Awesome.


    2. You know “plenty of women” who could “excel” in the infantry? What is your experience? On what basis do you make that assessment? I spent nearly 30 years as a Marine and I’ve never known “plenty of women” who could “excel” in the infantry physically.


      1. I agree that there should not be two completely different standards for military service (one for each gender). If a woman is unable to qualify for a job at the same level as a man, then they should not be given that role. THAT is equality.

        I have no qualifications, besides the documentation created by the military that describes the job in discussion. I’m simply not willing to assume that women should not have certain roles simply because they are women.

        With that said, however, with 30 years served in the military (thank you), and this discussion which has as one of its foci that more men than women ARE currently serving, perhaps I’ve just met more women than you. 🙂


  5. There should be a standard for the job, not a different standard for the gender. We don’t need to say that any person can’t do a job based on gender, color, religion, etc. The requirements should be set and kept, so that the appropriate work can be done.

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  6. I am a woman in the Marine Corps today, and I completely agree with you. Especially your argument concerning putting men and women in close quarters in a combat zone. It should not be done.

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    1. I went into the Marines as a married man. I grew up reading Tom Clancy and thought women were just as good as men in the military. My college room mate, a Marine veteran, was the first to tell me that sadly women just couldn’t hack it. I was astonished, even incredulous.

      Upon assignment my wife was the next one to burst my bubble. She came out firmly against women in the military all togher, even in the office. She simply said women didn’t belong at all.

      Next came my meritorious promotion to NCO. I learned first hand that women never go into the asset column when planning any activity, be it PT or a car wash. They always get out of everything and cannot be relied upon to show up for anything, and if they do their performance is spotty and their attitudes are either piss poor or disruptive.

      Then came the rape incident. One of our females got raped and the rapist was one of the Bn’s super stars. The woman involved was unfortunately known for promiscuity. This incident ruined her because nobody believed her and nobody wanted to see this guy’s career go down in flames over a drunken night at the club in the parking lot. He got off without much trouble, and she was devastated and operationally useless. She came to hate the military and got out ASAP.

      Ignoring some of the hard corps motivators I knew, women are just a nuisance in the military, and the military is not a good place for them in general. My wife was right, and you’ll find that many many military wives agree that women simply do not belong in the military AT ALL.

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      1. No offense, but as a female Marine vet I could care less what your military wife has to say. Yes, we are not equal to men and I don’t believe that we should be in combat with the men, but we should be able to serve our county if we choose to.

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      2. Hopefully you kicked that b*tch to the curb. Obviously she is an ignorant and jealous b*tch to feel that way. Then again, you are just as bad so I’m sure you’re living the stereotypical “happy marriage” of a Marine 🙂


  7. I believe that women should have all the opportunities available to men, with the possible exception of service in a ground combat unit. My combat experience is limited to one 1-year tour in South Vietnam. So that’s the only experience I have to call on. With that in mind, I would be astonished if more than 1% or 2% of women IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY have the physical strength to serve in an infantry unit. In my unit we carried crushing loads of equipment and ammo that gradually weakened even the strongest men. Our radio operators and squad leaders typically carried the lightest loads … 75-90 pounds! Some of our assistant machine gunners topped out at 150 pounds! Even after boot camp, basic infantry and advanced infantry training, about 5% of the men assigned to our unit simply couldn’t handle the physical demands of our missions. They were shipped off to make their contributions in supply, motor transport or admin, and no hard feelings. If we had kept them in our unit, they would have hurt the unit and very likely gotten people killed, including themselves.

    Is it POSSIBLE women can serve in ground combat? Yes. A tiny minority of women will have the desire, determination and physical ability. But their numbers will be very, very small. Pushing for large numbers will inevitably erode physical capabilities and combat effectiveness.

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    1. Bad idea. Check this out:

      Let’s say women were forced to have the same standards as men in the military today. No lowering standards. Let’s imagine they have to do every single physical activity, they have to get naked constantly in front of the men. Let’s even go too far for the sake of this experiment and imagine the military bans all sexual harassment/assault complaints and even forces women to get sterilized upon enlistment. Imagine that women have to essentially perform, think, and act like men, and are forbidden complaining at any point.

      What will be the makeup of the infantry? It will still be 99.99% male. AND the women will still be in the lowest percentile of ability among the men. Therefore they will not get selected for the most difficult missions. Therefore men will be unfairly discriminated AGAINST when staff is planning the most dangerous missions. The women will get out of the most difficult missions because they simply cannot compete at a level beyond that of your average sh*t bird. How many sh*t birds get left behind by their unit on deployment, stuck with base HQBN?

      All this for .01 or less women involved in the infantry?


  8. Love your closing thought. It is true. Women who want to fundamentally radically change the military to suit their private agenda are actually enemies of the country, not patriots. Listen to their rallies to hear how much they hate America and consider it a sexist patriarchal rape culture.

    Perfect analogy: It is the same as with those Catholic girls who wrote that rap song about their “plight.” Those supposedly Catholic women don’t want to be priests because they love the church and want to serve- they just want to be priests so they can have power and authority and status, and they actually hate the church and the men who founded it. That is very clear from the lyrics in the song; they literally attack St. Peter, perhaps the most important author of the New Testament and perhaps the most important figure in Christian philosophy.

    Just as those women hate the church they supposedly want to be a part of, feminists hate the country and the military they supposedly want to be a part of.

    “Ordain A Lady,” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0S2WlvNTU8


  9. Jude, you’ve done the country a great service in stating what is obvious without retreating from the principle that all should be privileged to proudly serve their country in some honorable capacity. War is arguably the least meritorious of all possible choices, even if it also requires strengh and courage.

    For those of us old dogs who opposed the idea of women in combat when it was promulgated, it’s simply sad to see what seemed obvious to us has now come to pass.

    The hardest part of making a really bad (and dangerous) political decision is that it’s almost impossible to undo once committed because politicians never want to be made wrong, even if their ideas plainly invite disaster.

    Bless you, lady, for you have spoken the outright truth. The question now is who will be willing to hear it.

    And thank you for your service.


  10. Ms Eden considers several topics that others often fear to address. But there is only one important reason to exclude women from combat, and that is based on an old value, one that seems to be disappearing: It is a man’s job to protect a woman, not to put her in harm’s way.


  11. Excellent Ms. Jude Eden – Excellent.

    What ever happened to appreciating and cherishing the differences between men & women? And what does this gender-bending, social-engineering nonsense do to the Man…? What is He supposed to do/think/act…?

    The problem here is sensible people have been brow-beaten into a corner of Political-Correctness gone-insane. It is time to wear the ‘intolerant’, ‘misogynist’, ‘neanderthal’ label – Proudly and simply tell the gender-benders to piss up a rope. We like things the ‘old-fashioned’ way and we’re none too proud to live with it.


  12. I was a Division Officer on a repair ship in San Diego that deployed to the first Gulf War, I had a crew of 48 personnel while,12 women, and 36 men. We knew we were going six months prior to our deployment, my women started getting pregnant and by the time we deployed I only had 2 women left, one became pregnant by time we stopped in Hawaii. I made it into the Gulf with only one female in my crew, she was sent home two weeks later.

    The 36 men now had to do the job of 48 for the remainder of our deployment, I didn’t lose one male sailor the entire 6 months we were deployed and they performed admirably, but were severely overworked. When we returned to San Diego there at least two dozen pregnant sailors standing on the pier waiting for us, although none of them were allowed to come back to work on the ship.


  13. Has anyone ever studied the Israel Army and the experience they have with females?
    My limited experience long ago in Vietnam as a field radio operator and later as an NCO in a guard unit @ Gitmo tells me that females have a place in the military but not in the infantry. The female should be willing to serve and has an obligation to be “Battle Ready” in her duty status. Even in support units combat and danger was always very close. I feel any woman that can complete Marine Infantry training on the same level as a man can serve in a combat zone, but not in an infantry MOS


  14. I’ve been saying this forever. But not as beautifully as this extraordinary young woman!

    Almighty God has created us ‘male and female’. I’m an attorney at law, and I certainly don’t think I’m ‘inferior’ to any man. But different? Of course I am!

    We ladies can do things men can’t; and vice versa. When we try to do THE SAME things, we’re trying to improve on God’s plan. Which is really, really dumb.

    Men are hard-wired to protect women and children, and they do that very well. They’re bigger and stronger and they’re built for that. So gee: Why don’t we lose the idiotic ‘female equality’ (which means sameness, not equality) and get on with doing what we do best?

    Oh…and need I mention that one female strength-as just illustrated-is COMMUNICATION.


    1. The whole premise of ANY woman being able to ‘close’ and ‘destroy’ an enemy like this, is utter absurdity.

      God has created men and women equal but, in His wisdom, not the same. Even if we imagine the impossible-for a moment-that a woman would have the same strength as a man? Still the notion fails. It’s hard-wired into men-again by God-to protect women. Thus any company having a woman in it, will compromise the men in it.

      Let us women do the things we do best in the Armed Services-support-and let the men do theirs. Of course: The demonic ‘womyn’s movement’ cares for nothing but their sick agenda. And they do not care one whit what happens to everyone else.


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