1, 2, Many Veteran Suicides

1 2 Many


Friends, family members and Warfighters alike…

For every veteran killed by enemy combatants, 25 veterans kill themselves. Every day, 22 veterans take their own lives. That’s a suicide every 65 minutes.

Depression is one of those evil inner demons that knows no race, gender, sex or religion and can be grab hold any individual. I know from experience because there was a time in my not so distant past where I too have fell victim to depression and I can say that it is unequivocally crippling and is incredibly difficult to fight back and overcome. Thankfully some of my close Marine brethren, who I consider family now, helped me get back on my feet and helped me find help for myself. It’s important to remember that depression is a REAL medical condition. It is not a “weakness” or something one should be ashamed of. Depression can often lead to suicidal thoughts if untreated and is something which will take you down into a horribly dark place. If anyone you feel, whether it be family member, close friend or fellow service member, is having suicidal thoughts or wanting to end their life: please I beg you, reach out to that person and talk to them. If any one of our followers wants to private message us than do so. Do something. We at the Warfighter Foundation are more than willing to sit down and talk, especially when it comes to another person’s life or livelihood. Please do not be afraid and reach out to someone of you think they need help. Use each other to lean on during the shitty times.

We had each other’s back downrange, that does not change when we come home. We are our brothers keeper. Remember, asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Never give up, never quit, keep getting back up and get back on the horse.




  1. Charlie sweetheart. … u need ur laptop taken off u… all access to the Internet stopped and with this blog aside I think Google need to give u a lifetime ban…. u are miss interpreting most of what you read and spouting out a load of crap… u r dangerous and could possibly single handedly bring down life as we know it with you silly comments… trying yo be nice here … but struggling to breathe from laughing and my tongue hurts from biting it soooo hard…. please please educate urself before opening your mouth again …. silly silly boy


  2. Also y are you so etched up about gay comments according to your personal blog your not gay…. your Trans gender … surely a Transgender female to male like yourself should at least know the difference between Trans and gay even if you have no grasp on history and the other crap you are speaking ??? …


  3. I love this blog, following and sharing your write-ups on facebook. My husbands a former Marine and depression is definitely no joke. Great blog..


  4. This is really odd. I just started on WP(seriously) and saw your blog as a top blog. Clicked on it. I was thinking it was going to be something about gaming. I saw your most recent post and said to myself-I agree. Then more oddly is this post. On my blog I just posted a joke about my suicidal thoughts. Another coincidence, I was in Iraq. I am trying to write jokes or anecdotes about the utterly horrendous black hole that is my life currently.


  5. Thanks MJ for having the courage to share. As a Civilian Military/Veterans attorney I recently represented a mother pro bono (for free) after her Army reservist (combat vet Afghanistan) son committed suicide this summer. Just trying to help her sort it all out. No one saw it coming . . . neither his co-workers, his family, his buddies from the Army. We are just now starting to understand “Moral injury” and how it works with PTS, and that together these two phenomena can cause even the strongest person to go down a very dark hole, that sometimes leads to self-destruction, but almost always leads to self-destructive behavior (drugs, Nihilism, ridiculous risk taking, violent behavior). Having known several recent combat vets personally, and having had combat vets in my family from WWII to the present wars, Vets need to be able to ID the warning signs in themselves and know when, where and how, to access help through their networks of family and friends and Govt. Agencies and Non-profits that can help them. God Bless you and keep you safe from the demons that came back with you from your combat experiences.
    Semper Fidelis
    Former Marine JAG


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