Month: September 2014

Everest Base Camp Trek


It is important to realize that our combat veterans could spend two years of weekly individual psychotherapy, and not reap the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of being in the mountains as part of a team with a common objective. – Spencer H. Walker, CEO of Warfighter Foundation

Since our return home we have all been forced to reinvent who we are and how we will fit back into the world we left behind. This trip will give our combat veterans confidence, hope, and a sense of peace that they haven’t had since before their combat deployments. – Ant Droz, CEO of Veteran Expeditionary Teams

The Warfighter Foundation and Veteran Expeditionary Teams will be conducting a joint operation to bring combat veterans to the Everest Base Camp. The Everest Base Camp Trek is approximately 65 miles to an elevation of 18,208 feet (Kala Patthar, Everest Base Camp is at 17,589 feet) and it is a non-technical climb. This trip will accomplish all aspects of our mission by providing physical, emotional, and mental rehabilitation to combat veterans.

We are seeking financial support and donated gear for our event. The event will consist of approximately 20 combat/wounded veterans who will be conducting the Everest Base Camp Trek in the Fall/Winter of 2015.