Our Military Leaders Need to Wake Up!

With ISIS getting stronger and stronger with each passing day and the constant threat of “lone wolf” attacks here on American soil, it is time our military leaders, the Generals in Washington D.C. that advise President Obama wake up and realize that America is in grave danger. It pains me to say as I write this that if things do not change soon, America may not be able to recover from the mistakes being made at the hand of this administration.

As I was scrolling though my Facebook feed, I noticed that another story in the Wall Street Journal that read, “Top General Worries That U.S. Army Getting Too Small.” This article is a follow up from a couple of weeks ago when former Marine Corps Commandant James T. Conway criticized President Obama’s strategy to defeat ISIS saying that it “doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding.” Even General Martin Dempsey, Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has come out publicly saying that airstrikes alone will not be enough to defeat ISIS and will not resemble the “shock and awe” of bombardment of the Iraq war that began in March of 2003.

This message goes out to ALL Generals. Gentlemen, our Nation needs you now more than ever! I don’t know what has happened to you men in the past couple of years, but none of you were born yesterday and have most definitely been around the block a few times. You also remember a time when men had the balls and the fortitude to say what they mean and mean what they say, without all the politically correct bullshit! You remember a time when all a man had were his balls and his word and he didn’t break ’em for no one. And you most definitely remember a time whenever a man said YES, he meant it and whenever he said NO, than his word was final. All of you Generals were not elected into your positions of leadership, you were chosen specifically because you demonstrated all throughout your careers that you were destined to lead and be the face and forefront of our Armed Forces and you had what it took to get the job done no matter what.

With that being said, if President Obama wants to surround himself with nothing but “yes men” who bow down and cater to his every whim, let him do what he wants and let the sheep become victim to the wolf. It should come as no shock that he has hired a good majority of them. If those sheep want to suck up and kiss his ass so Obama has that warm and fuzzy feeling inside when he puts his head down on the pillow at the end of the day, so be it. The men and women who you lead and more importantly, AMERICA needs you, the good guys to speak up with truth and integrity. Granted President Obama is your Commander-In-Chief and you are required to obey all orders handed down to you from the President of the United States, BUT you are also obligated to speak the truth, even if your boss may not like it or want to hear it.

I shake my head with both disappointment and confusion when the liberal media tried to debunk and tarnish General Dempsey’s argument that goes against typical White House rhetoric of how “there will be absolutely no boots on the ground in Iraq.”

It is time for you gentlemen, to man the fuck up and start following in the footsteps of those who came before you and start getting in people’s faces, shake your fists and pounding on the table and making it ABUNDANTLY clear to President Obama that we as Americans CANNOT defeat ISIS simply just by airstrikes alone, That we do indeed fact need actual boots on the ground. America and its’ people are behind you 100% no questions asked! Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anyone, past or present, who has served in the military in some form or fashion, that actually believes airstrikes alone will defeat our enemy.

Each and every one of you, knows deep down in your guts, that we DO need boots on the ground if we are to completely defeat this enemy. It is time you came together and made all your voices heard. Collectively, you all have well over 100 years of military service and experience, so what do you have to loose? If I were in your shoes, I would rather be forced to retire for trying to do the right thing by speaking up than turn your backs on not only the American people, who you swore an oath to protect, but your integrity, your morals and your values than cater to the bubonic plague that is political correctness.

President Obama and his inner circle of liars and thieves are trying so hard to convince the American public that everything is just fine, everything is all hunky doory and that they are working on a “new strategy” to figure the world’s problems out, all the while Americans are being publicly beheaded, women and children are being slaughtered and absolutely NOTHING is being done to combat these problems.

Gentlemen, please, America is begging you, do not forget why you chose to serve this great country all those years ago. Do no abandon those who you swore a sacred oath to defend and fight for. It is time that each and every one of you, to look at yourselves in the mirror and do some self reflecting and find your inner Warfighter spirit once more! The American people are looking at our military as well as our military leaders to be one of the good guys again and make the tough, difficult but honest choices. In this day and age and at this time in our nation’s history, there is NO room for political correctness and no perfect script on how our battles should be fought. Our battle tested and proven Warfighters are better than that. This is your time to speak up and let your Commander-In-Chief know exactly what needs to be done in order to combat and obliterate ISIS! The time is now gentlemen, not only is our military counting on you but America itself, she is counting on you! They say actions speak louder than words… your actions matter now!

Semper Fidelis


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