LAPD Shooting: Suspect Grabbed Gun

On February 1st, 2015 LAPD Officers were responding to a robbery. The suspect began to attack officers. The suspect was taken down, told to stop resisting, and then tazed.

During the altercation, the suspect grabbed one of the officers handgun and appears to have fired it. Officers returned fire, removing the threat.

Two of the officers were treated for injuries and one is now using crutches.

The backlash by the public, has been ridiculous. The trendy thing to do, is to hate cops. Everyone that lacks law enforcement experience or a law degree has chimed in; to even include calling this an attack on homeless people. Well, to all those out there that are sharing this video on Facebook calling for these cops heads; you are cowards and are the primary source of the problems in America.

The man fatally shot by LAPD Officers “repeatedly refused to comply with officers demands,” and evidence shows he grabbed at police officer’s pistol before he was shot, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told reporters.

Beck said the investigation will take video footage of the event into account, including video from two body cameras that were worn by the officers involved in the incident.


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