Was it all even worth it?

We’d all like to forget our mistakes. Even the ones we learn from usually involve events we’d prefer not to think about or be reminded of on a regular basis. The key, though, is that we at least learn from our mistakes. Ignoring the mistakes we’ve made or pretending we didn’t make them at all is self-delusional at best.

Let us not forget that the Iraqi people wanted us out. They wanted us gone and to leave their country for good. And now, seeing cities in Iraq like Fallujah, Ramadi, Tikrit, Mosul and now perhaps Baghdad being overthrown and taken back by Al Qaeda doesn’t sit well with me and has me wondering that, in the grand scheme of things, was it all really worth it now? At the time, the Bush administration believed that American troops would be “greeted with sweets and flowers,” as one advocate put it, due to their effort to oust Saddam Hussein from power. But a decade after the war began, it is perhaps the costs—not the victories—that are most prominent: 4,488 American lives lost, more than 32,000 Americans wounded, and untold pain to those who came back traumatized by their experience. Even more so, what really pisses me off is hearing POTUS same time and time again, “Osama Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is on it’s heels and on it’s way to being defeated”, when clearly in the past 24 hours, that statement by Obama proves to be just another talley mark in a plethora of lies and deceptions.

Denying Al Qaeda safe-haven was the entirely legitimate justification for invading Afghanistan in 2002. Ensuring regional stability in the Middle East was why we re-took Kuwait from Saddam Hussein in 1991. By leaving Iraq in 2011 we created the conditions which would require US involvement in another war in Iraq. Secretary of State Kerry said the Iraqis will have to deal with Al Qaeda’s offensive in Fallujah and Ramadi. That it’s their war. Well, it may be their local war, but fighting Al Qaeda and ensuring oil keeps flowing from the Middle East has been the US’ war for decades. At some point I believe we will be forced to become involved again in Iraq even though the current administration says we would only give air support.

We should have stayed but at most, just stayed involved.

If we refuse to admit we made a mistake in leaving Iraq because we’re angry and embarrassed that we mistakenly invaded Iraq in the first place, we’ll only have greater problems to deal with in a few years’ time. Not talking about the war or trying to forget it happened is a disservice to those who fought and to those who will have to fight again someday.



  1. I did 3 tours in Iraq. 2003, 2005-06 and a short span in 2009. I have shrapnel sitting on my book-shelve from an IED that blew the M11-14 in front of mine clear off the road. A key reminder of my time there. This is a well written article and I thank you for taking the time to express so many of our thoughts.

    Smith Sends

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  2. Uninformed people keep making comments about ISIS.
    I hear “well-equipped”.
    I hear “well-organized”.
    I hear “well-funded”.
    I hear “well-trained”.
    ALL of this is crap.
    1) Almost all of their equipment either came from the Iraqi Army, the Syrian Army, or was bought on the black market. All of this equipment will start to degrade quickly, because they don’t have the advanced military or manufacturing infrastructure to sustain it. A tank without treads, engine parts, or speciallized ammo is just a target. The same is true of any advanced equipment they have.
    2) As far as well-organized… the Nazis were more organized, the WWII Japanese were more organized,
    the 1950 North Koreans and Chinese were more organized; – even Saddam’s army was more organized.
    Guess what? They all lost.
    3) Well-Funded? I hear claims that they get several million dollars a day from selling oil on the black market.
    Big Deal. Use ground-penetrating presision warheads to take out the wellheads. Bomb the pupelines, bomb the refineries, bomb thw storage facilities, bomb the transport trucks, bomb the oil tankers, bomb the oilfield mantenance workers.
    No Oil, no money.
    EMBARGO ANY COUNTRY THAT TRADES OR BANKS WITH THEM. Target for Assassination anyone anywhere that finances the banks they use, or any OTHER RESOURCE they use. Starve them.
    Well-Trained? What a joke. At the beginning of WWII, everyone was talking about the Nazi SUPERMEN, and the feared japanese jungle warrior. All very quickly discredited.

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